August 29, 2008

The fair train has mysteriously made an encore appearance.  I heard it go by thrice this evening, and am having a hard time comprehending why this occurred. The state fair ended several weeks ago, and this article said that if it’s approved, the light-rail commuter train (which, I’m assuming, will look a little something like the picture above) will start running in 2012. So wazzup with this phantom train?

The good news is that the article said the commuter train, if approved, won’t need to blast a horn as it speeds through residential areas. The bad news is they want to expand the line to two tracks, which means construction. The construction noise issue aside, I’m hoping they expand east. If they expand west, not only will I lose the covered parking spot I’m currently paying an extra $30 a month for, but the train will run that much closer to my bedroom window.


It doesn’t feel wrong.

August 27, 2008

Is it wrong to blog about your furniture?

I simply love my new little nightstands! While each one cost more than what I wanted to pay for a pair, I think they are worth it.   And, of course, I had the added enjoyment the assembly!

UPDATE: My mother just saw my new little nightstands for the first time, and said they looked “like something out of I Love Lucy.”  Money well spent!

A lot of airmen died because their radios didn’t work!

August 24, 2008

New retro frames from Broad Ripple Vintage! The owner told me to “rock on” after I made my purchase, so I feel pretty safe in assuming that I look decent in them.

Unfortunately, I don’t have money for lenses right now.

Goat Worth

August 22, 2008

Apparently I am not worth any goats, according to the website How Many Goats? This dismays me, since everyone I know who has taken the quiz has been worth between 9/10 of a goat to 5 goats. The website doesn’t even have the decency to apologize for nor explain my goat worthlessness – it just leaves a blank space where my goat worth should be. Let’s go through the answers one by one, shall we? I’m feeling Type A this evening.

Question 1: How old are you?
22-28 years old

Question 2: Someone will pay for the plastic surgery of your choice. You pick:
Surgery? Pfft. I don’t need that.

Question 3: Which best describes your situation?

Question 4: Your choice of drink on a hot summer day?
Boiling hot tea (Chai)

Question 5: Describe your style:
Formal when I need to be, casual when I can be, and cool when I should be

Question 6: Your car breaks down, what do you do?
Call AAA to check it out

Question 7: 3 years into your marriage you make it big, what do you do with the money?
Invest in mutual funds

Question 8: How would others describe your smell?
Glacier fresh

Question 9: You’re trapped in a grocery store bathroom (yeah, in the back). You have 30 seconds to get out and can use one of the following items to help you out. What would you pick?
*explanation: I don’t own an iPod, but it didn’t say you had to. I figure I could slide it underneath the bathroom door and wiggle it around by the ear bud cords like a fishing line. Some kid would definitely see it and come running for his or her free iPod, at which point I would snatch it back under the bathroom door and tell them that if they want a free iPod, they need to get the manager to come and unlock this bathroom door immediately.

Question 10: You’re at a crosswalk, there’s an old lady beside you and a blind man behind you. They both ask for assistance, who do you help?
I would let the blind man grab my hand first, then I would put my hand out and aid the old lady at the same time

Your goat worth is:

My Milton Moment

August 19, 2008

I had a Milton Moment at work today. My supervisor on my externship at the hospital thought it would be good for me to go to the monthly rehab meeting from 4-5pm to “experience” what that was like. Of course, the meeting lasted until 5:30pm, and the entire time I was there, I kept eying the box of cookies one of the rehab directors had brought in. The only thing getting me through the boringness was the thought of getting to eat a cookie at the end. When the meeting was over, one of the nurses took the box, set it in her lap, and started eating all the cookies! My supervisor turned to me, said we had some work to finish up, and started to leave.  I almost went ballistic because I had been sitting there for well over an hour listening to everyone drone on about things that didn’t concern me since I’m not an employee, and I wasn’t even going to get a damn cookie! But I should have had more faith in my supervisor and her love of chocolate. On her way out, she made a detour over to the nurse’s lap and grabbed a cookie from the box. I followed suit, and therefore did not have to burn the building down after all.

I ♥ Anderson Cooper!

August 18, 2008

Not only did he go gray early (just like me!), but he’s smart AND funny (just like me!): link

All the Fun of the Fair

August 18, 2008

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. My life for the next 11.5 months without the state fair train chugging by my bedroom window blaring its hella-loud whistle every half hour, that is. I also just read this article and became very excited about the possibility of shutting down this annual disruption, until I got to the very end: link

That’s right! There could be trains going by several times a day – FOREVER – carrying all the richie-riches from the north side to their posh jobs in swank high-rises downtown! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for public transit, just not when it loudly speeds past my apartment. I was planning on living here for several years before beginning the house-hunting endeavor, but I might start looking sooner if the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization has its way.