I Can Fly Twice As High

My commute was made about 1% brighter this morning, as I was privileged to witness the hot air balloons released from the fairgrounds to kick off the state fair.  If it hadn’t been so hazy, maybe it would have brightened my drive by a greater percent.  Welcome to August in Indiana.

Unfortunately, I left too early to witness what would have REALLY made my morning commute!  link


2 Responses to I Can Fly Twice As High

  1. Brian says:

    Cool! You know, you could always get a hot air balloon for commuting to work… 😉

  2. PAM says:

    I saw 7 hot air ballons this morning!!! In Albuquerque, ballooning is all the rage. My friend, Heather, who live here, said she sees 3-6 balloons out her window every morning:)

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