The fair train has mysteriously made an encore appearance.  I heard it go by thrice this evening, and am having a hard time comprehending why this occurred. The state fair ended several weeks ago, and this article said that if it’s approved, the light-rail commuter train (which, I’m assuming, will look a little something like the picture above) will start running in 2012. So wazzup with this phantom train?

The good news is that the article said the commuter train, if approved, won’t need to blast a horn as it speeds through residential areas. The bad news is they want to expand the line to two tracks, which means construction. The construction noise issue aside, I’m hoping they expand east. If they expand west, not only will I lose the covered parking spot I’m currently paying an extra $30 a month for, but the train will run that much closer to my bedroom window.


One Response to WTF?!?

  1. Brian says:

    Geez — I don’t know what you did to anger the Indianapolis-area railway authorities, but I think you should say you’re sorry before they run tracks through your living room. 😉

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