Welcome To My Nightmare

I haven’t had nightmares for almost a year, but for some reason I’ve had two in the last three nights. In the first, I accidentally did something wrong on my last day at the hospital, and all the SLPs became mad at me. This was two nights after my last day. Why is my mind making terrible things up about the hospital now?

The second happened last night. I went to the pet store to buy a pet rat, when I decided to buy three as well as a puppy. When I got home, the rats hid from me, and when I found them they jumped out from their hiding place and attacked me. I was so scared that I woke up instantly, and found that I had been grinding my teeth. (Don’t tell my dentist – I’m supposed to wear a night guard when I sleep, as the grinding is a common occurrence.)


One Response to Welcome To My Nightmare

  1. Brian says:

    Aww, don’t you worry, doll. I’m sure your new rat will be a friendly one.
    What kind of puppy was it?

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