The End of an Era

I unpacked all my dirty naked babies this evening.  While I had fun reminiscing, I just don’t have room to keep them.  The ones with complete parts are going to the Goodwill, and the incomplete ones are going to the trash.  I am keeping my baby in a jar, devil puppets, and one choice doll which I don’t think I ever used in my photographs:

I enjoy how her eyes, which are naturally lightly colored, have a film of dirtiness over them, which makes her look like a zombie.  She’s a keeper!


3 Responses to The End of an Era

  1. Brian says:

    AHHHHHH!!!! Dirty naked zombie baby!!!!

    As for the others, we should come up with some sort of prank/guerrilla art project for them.

  2. Shannanigans says:

    Yikes! That is one creepy doll…Kind of reminds me of the one from toy story that was only a head and had an erector set for a body

  3. Carrie says:

    Wow, it really is the end of an era! So does this mean the naked baby picture hanging on my wall will become a collector’s item? Maybe a retirement strategy to replace my 401K, which according to the president is in jeopardy?

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