Jonathan, The Destroyer

I think I gave Jonathan the run of the house too soon.  He’s gotten into a lot of terrible mischief which I’ve been too late to catch.  A sampling of his destruction:

Exhibit A: ruined carpet.  I close the doors to the bedrooms and the bathroom when I let Jonathan out, but that still leaves a small stretch of [NEW] carpet in the hallway, which he loves to dig at in the corners by the doors.

Exhibit B: chewed wood.  I don’t know how he managed to chew the floor, but he did.

Exhibit C: digging in and gnawing on the houseplants.

Exhibit D: stained hardwoods.  Yes, from pee-pee.

Fortunately, the current state of the destruction can be considered normal wear-and-tear upon moving out.  But I must be a vigilant mother in the future to insure that the damage doesn’t progress!


One Response to Jonathan, The Destroyer

  1. Brian says:

    Aww, he’s just working out his teenage angst! Next week he’ll dye his fur black and want a nosering. 😉

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