Shoe Sadness

I was dismayed when I looked down yesterday and saw that Jonathan had chewed the toes of my favorite shoes!  I wear these with everything: jeans, dress pants, even skirts (if I were to stop being lazy).  I looked for them in stores recently, because I was interested in purchasing another pair in case this exact problem arose, but they don’t make them anymore.  From now on, shoes will be kept in the bedroom!


2 Responses to Shoe Sadness

  1. Brian says:

    Jonathan, young man, you are just cruising for trouble!
    So, is he grounded for a month? 😉
    (Note: you might be able to cover up the bite-marks with some of that leather/vinyl repair stuff — K-Mart often has that sort of thing.)

  2. Shannanigans says:

    My cat did that to a bunch of letters I had from a friend in Europe 😦

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