Lady of the Flies

I haven’t posted anything in awhile, but that’s not to say nothing has happened recently.  There was the incident of a robbery in my neighborhood a week ago, and I had the privilege of entering my building right as the preteen perpetrator ran past me with a pillowcase full o’ loot.  He was followed by a cop (although, not too closely due to middle age weight gain), who was running as fast as he could.

There was also the bank robbery down the street from my mom’s house.  You can read the latest about that here.  (Apparently the robbery in my neighborhood didn’t make the news.)

But what has seriously made me nervous has been all the flies that make their way into my apartment, and then immediately turn around and buzz around the windows trying to get out.  Typically, I kill a couple a day, but when I came home this afternoon, there were a record number of them swarming around.  Happy Halloween, indeed!  Here’s a picture of a portion of the flies I killed, mostly from my bedroom:

I believe I shall be investing in this retro-looking fly catcher, once they have them in stock again.  And hey, it could be worse!  At least I’m not this guy:


2 Responses to Lady of the Flies

  1. Shannanigans says:

    That is indeed a lot of flies!
    But on the bright side you have a very clean toilet

  2. […] fire department and the police, while one bystander tried (unconvincingly) to reassure them that nothing bad ever happens in this neighborhood.  I think the consensus was that an arsonist had popped several car trunks, set some rags on fire, […]

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