I’ve been nice – I promise!

November 28, 2008


Dear Santa,

Please – oh, please! – won’t you bring me one of these?  It’s available from Perpetual Kid.



I found this on the internet:

November 27, 2008


I have really come to loathe the phrase, “Dinner is at 2pm.”  That’s not dinner – that’s twosies!

Look what I found!

November 23, 2008


I found my old website from college today.  Enjoy it now, because as soon as I can figure out how to take it down, it’s gone.  I’m no longer a photographer, and the email address I have listed hasn’t worked for years.

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!

November 23, 2008


I really wanted to buy a retro aluminum Christmas tree with a color wheel this year, but funds are low so I bought this one from Target.  In the picture, it looked like a bargain – a 4-foot pre-lit tinsel tree with full branches for only $20?  Too good to be true, right?  Right.  Because it ended up looking like this:


Before you say, “Hey that’s kinda cute!” here’s a photo of it in the harsh light of day:


I think we can all agree that it doesn’t look as nice and full as the Target photo, especially on the left side for some reason, but it did make for some good laughs when my aunt, my mom, and I were setting it up!  Even though I tried to doctor it up with a nice tree stand and some ornaments (most of my ornaments weighed the branches down because they were too heavy), it is definitely a Charlie Brown tree.  But hey, it’s kitsch, and I don’t have the room or the money for something awesome and lavish in my apartment.  Besides, it tries so hard to be a cute little tree that it makes me smile every time I look at it.  We should all learn a lesson from my little Christmas tree and try our very best in every situation, even if we’re out of our league.

The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius

November 21, 2008


I had probably the best horoscope ever today:

“A female visitor could come to your door today with some interesting and useful information, dear Aquarius. This information could involve anything from stock market trends to a forthcoming wedding or occult and metaphysical matters. Whatever it is, you’ll find it captivating and might sit and listen to your guest for quite a while. By the time he or she leaves, your mind should be spinning. Take a walk, and clear your head. Otherwise, you’ll be awake all night.”

You Say A Lot Of Funny Things, My Little Bunny (Part 1)

November 17, 2008


I can’t believe it’s been five weeks at the elementary school already!  The time has flown by, much faster than my time at the hospital.  Of course, having a fall break and three half days has helped the time along.  Here are a few choice phrases I overheard these past five weeks:

student: “Are 6-packs muscles?”
SLP: “We sometimes call our abdominal muscles 6-packs…”
student: “Um, yes…well, I have those.  I’m very active!”

male student: “Girls are bad, but teachers never catch girls doing bad things at recess and only catch boys doing bad things, so people think only boys are bad.”

student (to a friend): “My mom said you can’t come over to our house after school, because we’re not going home.”
friend: “What?  I…what?  But…but who will take care of me?!?”

student: “Um, excuse me, but your breath just touched my nose.”

me: “What do you sit on?”
student: “A cat!”
me: “You don’t sit on a cat!  What are you sitting on right now?”
student: “A chair…”
me: “Right, so what do you sit on?”
student: “A cat-chair!”

me: “Good morning!  How are you?”
student with autism: “I’m not your boyfriend!!”*

*this is how he responds to anyone who greets him

Vote for Change. And a sticker.

November 4, 2008


I would sincerely like to thank all the noble individuals from Indy’s north side who took one for the team and stood in line for two hours to vote early.  When I arrived at my polling location at 3pm this afternoon, no one was in line ahead of me!  For serious!  It was awesome.  I even snagged a parking space right across from the entrance.

The biggest frustration I had while voting was a lack of Ralph Nader on my ballot.  For shame, Indiana!  And who the hell is Bob Barr?!?