Makes You Wonder How The Other Half Live

Apparently some of the pipes in my bathroom were leaking inside the walls, so the maintenance guys tore open my bathroom wall to fix it, stretching the project over three days.  Today was the last day during which they replaced and caulked the tiles.  Here’s a photo of the finished product:


Can you spot the problem?  You can’t?  I guess that’s because you’re not borderline ASD like I am.  When they removed the original speckled tile and stacked it in the bathroom, I assumed they would reuse it.  But no! Why would they do that, when they have solid white tile they can use so it won’t match at all?  THANK YOU, maintenance guys!  My shower looks SO much better now that it screams, “PATCH JOB!”

It seems like every time I get worried about buying my own home and I start to question whether I should, something like this happens and makes me realize that owning my own home will be the absolute best purchase I will ever make.

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