What happens when you feed a rat Pop Rocks?

March 31, 2009


The same thing that happens when you feed him anything else: he gobbles it down and begs for more.


And again.

March 29, 2009


Sixth Saturday night in a row.  (Let’s just assume that this is what I do on Saturday nights now.)

It’s Bound To Melt Your Heart, One Way Or Another

March 28, 2009


This guy dressed as Spider-Man to save an autistic boy!

What’s groovier than this man?

March 28, 2009


Check it out!

(Too dated for you?  Try this version.)


March 27, 2009


I received my Ravelry invitation today! 

Ravelry is an online community of knitters and crocheters, and they only allow a certain number of people to join per day. You have to put your name on the list and wait for an invite, but it doesn’t really take that long.

Now I can’t wait to finish my current sweater and start many exciting new knitting projects – such as the one featured above – and track my progress on my Ravelry page.  But best of all, I can list what yarns and needles I have in my stash, so I won’t get confused and buy extra ever again!  (Honestly, who owns 3 sets of wooden dpn size 10.5?  No one but me.)


March 22, 2009


Fifth Saturday night in a row.


March 19, 2009


orange = me
red = my preschool students