Jesus: The Original Zombie

At age 29, there are times I feel left out when I hear of yet another friend getting married, or buying their first home, or having kids (or more kids).  To make myself feel better, I remind myself that I chose the graduate-education-and-career-advancement route, so naturally I’m several years behind society’s typical middle class milestones.  But still, there are days I feel down.

Then Easter comes, and makes me feel so much better!


Do you think if I was married with two kids and a house in the suburbs, my mom would still get me an Easter basket?  HELL, NO!

One Response to Jesus: The Original Zombie

  1. Shannanigans says:

    Ha! My mom does that too! I am married but no kids, no thanks. I like my immature, free lifestyle as well as my lindor chocolate eggs.

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