The Urban Balcony Container Gardener


Last summer, when I first moved into my apartment, I started growing aloe, basil, and rosemary in containers on my balcony.  The aloe and rosemary have proven themselves rather hardy; the basil did not.  So this summer I’m carrying on with my aloe and rosemary, but am also trying my hand with vegetables!  After seeing how expensive red bell peppers are these days, I bought a bell pepper plant and planted it in the basil’s former pot.

I’m also giving the avocado plant another go.  I tried to grow one years ago, but it must have been the long-lost BFF of my basil plant, ’cause it didn’t make it.  A year or so after the avocado tragedy, I bought The Avocado Pit Grower’s Indoor How-to Book from a used bookstore, thinking I would try again some day.  It sat unread on my bookshelf until this evening, when I had an avocado with dinner and thought, “Aha!”  After a quick read through the book, the pit is now sitting in a glass of water on my kitchen counter, waiting to sprout its little roots.  Once he is good and ready, he will be planted in a pot and will join the others in my balcony container garden.


3 Responses to The Urban Balcony Container Gardener

  1. Shannanigans says:

    Good luck! I have killed many plants in my day…even a cactus. I mean you don’t even need to water those things

  2. V-Lo says:

    Don’t give up on basil. It is an annual so you have to start each year with a new one but nothing beats fresh basil.

  3. andrearaimondi says:

    Oh, I was fully prepared to plant new basil the next year. The problem was that it kept flowering, so I cut the flowers off to encourage it to produce more leaves. Then it just got angry and stopped producing flowers AND leaves. 😦

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