Yesterday, I went to the Handicraft Exchange with some friends.  It was held in conjunction with the Independent Music + Art Festival downtown.  I got some cool stuff:


Students at VSAI – a nonprofit to bring arts education to individuals with disabilities – made these small ceramic bowls.  For $5, you got to pick out your bowl and they filled it with the ice cream flavor of your choice!  Proceeds went directly back to the program and its students.


Mythdemeanor! prints keen designs on thrifted and hand-sewn clothing.  I love my upcycled necktie with white syringe!  (I’ve been rocking the menswear lately.)

I also wanted to get an über-cool mug from Sally Harless, who prints her original illustrations on all types of items.  I fell in love with a thrifted sea foam green mug with a colbalt blue squid printed on the side.  I should have bought it when I first saw it, because when I went back, it was gone.  Sadness ensued.  However, she currently has a Narwhal coffee mug for sale at her Etsy shop.  Hmm…


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