The leaves of my strawberry plants have been eaten alive these past few weeks.  I checked underneath the leaves and found a bunch of tiny little caterpillars happily munching away!  I sprayed them with my insecticidal soap several times to no avail, so today I picked each one off by hand.  I think I counted 22 of them, the jerks.

Aphids love my pepper plant, but the insecticidal soap spray seems to work on them.  Oddly, nothing seems to be eating my tomatoes and basil.  I thought those plants were highly susceptible to garden pests.


3 Responses to Pests

  1. DK says:

    Tomatoes and basils do seem to be prone to pests, but some of pest susceptibility has to do with stresses on the plants already. When plants are under stress (not enough water, too hot, too much/little sun, etc.) they produce certain kinds of sugars which then attract pests. It sounds like your basil and tomatoes are pretty happy if you’re not having any issues with pests on them! I’ve done battle with squash borer beetles and some sort of grub so far this year. But my squashes were stressed initially from being transplanted outside too soon.

    Something else you could try to get rid of stubborn pests is spraying with tea made using tobacco. It won’t hurt the plants but the nicotine will take out the pests that get sprayed. Make sure to wash hands afterward as always, though, because you could make yourself sick. The tea also doesn’t keep so don’t bother making it up very far in advance as it will then smell like awful, stale, nasty ashtray left outside in the rain. Not that it smells good to begin with. The stuff made quick work of my squash borer problem at any rate. Which made me happy since it’s been 3 years since I won a battle with squash borers.

  2. Jim says:

    Who would have thought that you would be growing plants?

    I never would have guessed it…

  3. andrearaimondi says:

    Hardy har har.

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