Happy little plants!

I recently checked out the book Garden Anywhere by Alys Fowler from the library.  It’s a great book for urban gardening, and touches on just about everything – outdoor spaces, houseplants, composting, even dumpster diving for materials – with suggestions for other books to check out if you would like more information on a certain topic.  One absolutely cool idea she had was for using bricks as make-shift window boxes.  She suggested planting Sempervivum in the holes of masonry bricks and setting them on a window ledge.  I was intrigued, as one of the windows in my bedroom overlooks the roof of the townhome next door – not an awesome view.  But with her suggestion, I thought I might be able to spruce up my ledge.

Before (sad):


After (happy):




It turned out to be absolutely charming!  The middle plant in each brick is Sempervivum tectorum, and the remaining plants are Sempervivum arachnoideum.  They are heat and cold hardy perennials, so they should last.  And I can simply pick up the bricks and take them with me when I move!

I’ve also started growing things from the pits and seeds of fruits.  I’m attempting to grow some avocado pits, a peach pit, some lemon seeds, and one of these:


It’s the seed inside the fleshy, hairy mango pit.  None of them will bear fruit of course, but I do have high hopes for some righteous houseplants!


3 Responses to Happy little plants!

  1. JL says:

    wow, that is Really cute. You are really talented. It’s very fun to read all this, since I have absolutely no green thumb at all. thanks for sharing 😉

  2. Shannanigans says:

    Oh they are happy and I smiled when I saw them. So that means they WORKED!

  3. andrearaimondi says:

    As I just planted them yesterday, I don’t know if they’ll take or not. I’ll be able to say for sure in a week or two. I ended up with two extra Sempervivum tectorum that I can use as replacements in the event that any in the bricks don’t make it.

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