Food Sadness

I don’t know about this raw food business.  I didn’t like most vegetables when I ate cooked food, so I’m having a hard time eating them raw.  Although I have found that a lettuce wrap filled with my favorite veggies (avocado, mushrooms, and sprouts), dipped in a Thai-style almond sauce is rather delicious!


However, that leaves me with one thing for breakfast (smoothie), one thing for lunch (salad), one thing for dinner (lettuce wrap), and some snacks (raw crackers with raw hummus, fresh or dried fruit, raw desserts).  How boring is that?

Then I started thinking back to what I used to eat for breakfast (Frosted Mini-Wheats), lunch (Lean Pocket, piece of fruit, fat-free pudding cup), dinner (pasta), and snacks (crackers with hummus, Le Petit Ecolier cookies).  Back then I ate the same thing every day, too!

So I’m going to keep trying, even though I can’t say if it’s starting to help with my allergies, since friends and family frequently invite me out to lunch or dinner.  I think my raw options will expand once I take the plunge and purchase a dehydrator.  Then I can try some recipes from Everyday Raw such as granola, BBQ crisps, and mac and cheese (made with seed cheese and squash).


One Response to Food Sadness

  1. JL says:

    that looks Awful ! why are you on this diet? what’s the appeal? I could read up on it – but that won’t tell me why You’re on this diet.

    the only diet I’ve ever been able to stick with for longer than 12 hours was a no-sugar (no white flour), very little milk [anti-yeast(i.e. candida)] diet. That served me well (though it was hard to do) for a month. Then I stopped. But I enjoyed improved blood-sugar levels for ages since then. I should really do it again sometime. So why the raw food? I guess raw food is supposed to be good for fighting candida, too (at least whole foods are.. like eating whole wheat – kernels and all vs. white flour)..


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