I’m done with raw foods.  Now that school has started, I can’t handle being on the raw food diet AND working full time at a stressful job.  It was fine (even fun) over the summer when I had nothing better to do.  But I spent this past weekend (when I wasn’t shopping for work clothes and doing work I brought home) making raw things so I wouldn’t have to prepare anything during the work week.  I’m completely sick of washing my blender several times a day and spending all my free time in the kitchen!  So tomorrow I’m going grocery shopping – at a REAL grocery store!  No more traveling to three different alternative grocery stores to get what I need.  No more buying expensive raw condiments, like bland raw almond butter.  No more $70 grocery bills.  I’ve never been so excited to make a grocery list before, especially since I get to purchase REAL hummus (as opposed to the ingredients for weird raw hummus made from sprouted chickpeas that ends up tasting grainy and flavorless) and REAL crackers (not expensive dehydrated flax seed crackers that cost three times as much for a third of the crackers).

But it’s not all sad news.  There are things I’ll still make, like raw fudge and chia pudding.  Plus, I’ve learned some tricks, like if you buy a lime and cut it into adorable wedges, featured here:


and squeeze a wedge into every glass of water you drink, you’ll end up drinking twice as much water as you did before.  As Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a good thing!”


2 Responses to Donesville

  1. Pam says:

    So how’s it being back on unraw food? All twinkies and hot dogs?

  2. andrearaimondi says:

    It’s amazing, cuz! No Twinkies or hot dogs, mainly because I never liked those things. But soups and pasta…mmmm!

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