New Chucks!

Did I blog about my 30th birthday trip to Las Vegas?  No.  Did I blog about my spring break in Los Angeles?  No.  Do I blog about my new Converse All-Stars?  Yes!  I’m so weird and lazy.

I am very sad to see my old Chucks go, however I’ve been wearing them since the fall of 2006.  They had holes galore and were incredibly dirty (which I think caused them to get an extra scan at airport security when flying to L.A.), but were so comfortable!

But now I have these awesome new Chucks!

I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that I copied the style from a freshman at the high school at which I work.  He wears charcoal Chucks with red laces every day, and they look so cool I thought I would try them out for my next pair.

Of course, this means I can’t ever wear them to work.


One Response to New Chucks!

  1. PAM says:

    I have the same black, high-top chucks from high school. They still kick total ass. The toe has turned a lovely shade of dirt yellow because the rubber is so old. I love them, and only wear them for very special occasions. I couple years ago I replaced the laces with hot pink laces with white stars that I bought from a garage sale. I think it really perked them up even with the yellow toes.

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