The End of an Era

September 23, 2008

I unpacked all my dirty naked babies this evening.  While I had fun reminiscing, I just don’t have room to keep them.  The ones with complete parts are going to the Goodwill, and the incomplete ones are going to the trash.  I am keeping my baby in a jar, devil puppets, and one choice doll which I don’t think I ever used in my photographs:

I enjoy how her eyes, which are naturally lightly colored, have a film of dirtiness over them, which makes her look like a zombie.  She’s a keeper!


Dirty Naked Babies

August 11, 2008

Good news!  I found my baby in a jar while unpacking this evening!  I promptly placed it in its new home in the bathroom:

Yet, there is a dark cloud on the horizon.  I believe I may have outgrown the baby in a jar.  It looks a little too dirty and a little too creepy sitting on the counter in my bathroom.  But there it shall stay until I unpack the glass mannequin head to take its place.