April 1, 2009

Last night, I traveled to Muncie see David Sedaris:


I even had the foresight to bring along my book so he could sign it:


Then I went and left it in the car.  Use your imagination and insert his autograph here:



What is…kiss?

March 10, 2009


About five years ago, I suppose I must have been upset about some boy not liking me when my aunt told me I simply HAD to read He’s Just Not That Into You.  She said that when she read it, it changed her life.  “If only it had been written when I was in high school!” she lamented.  I was curious, so I checked it out from the library.  Now I have to live with the guilt of knowing that I can never get those precious hours back I spent reading that crap.  If you haven’t read the book, I shall sum it up for you:

you: “Why didn’t he call me?”
Greg Behrendt: “He’s just not that into you.”
you: “But why?!? I’m cute, smart and funny!”
Greg Behrendt: “You will never know the answer to this question, so stop asking it.”

The reason why – five years later – I’m bringing it up is that I found a book that truly helps you understand love.  Hi!  I’m Andrea, and I’m here to tell you about a great book I just read called Love Sick by Charles S. Anderson Design Co. with text by Michael J. Nelson.  (Yeah, you read that right – THE Mike of MST3K fame!)  This quick read equates love to “an angry, cornered brush-tailed possum” and is filled with helpful illustrations on every page.  But you don’t have to take my word for it!  Check it out from your local library today!