June 3, 2009


My vermicomposting kit arrived today!  I spent the evening setting it up, and had a worm unveiling party with a few friends.  There were many ooooos and ahhhhs as we anxiously watched the little redworms wriggle their way into the bedding that I spent hours preparing.  I also had to rip apart the cardboard box in which they were shipped, as I found that many worms had hid inside the corrugated flaps at the bottom.  I caught this little guy exiting his cozy hole to check out his new home:


I hope they are happy in their bin!  I even buried my first organic waste this evening – dead flowers.  Yum, yum!

Jorge Garcia of LOST also has a worm bin.  While his bin is more advanced than mine – having several trays you fill in succession – I’ll go out on a limb and say I’m more hardcore than he is since I’m keeping my bin in the kitchen.