Oh hai!

November 13, 2009

So my new job as been…well, apart from leaving me with almost no time to myself, let’s just say the new job has been a learning experience and leave it at that.  But here I will present what little has happened in my life in a listed and numbered format.

1. I’ve been reading a lot in these recessionary times that gourmet cupcakes have become rather fashionable.  So I went to the only gourmet cupcake bakery in Indianapolis that I know of, and tried one out for myself:

Andreas photos 005

Chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting – highly recommended!  But at three bucks each, I only recommended going the once for the novelty of it.  However, next to the cupcake bakery was the toy store, and I couldn’t resist taking this picture:

Andreas photos 006

especially since I am in the process of giving my Legos to my aunt to save for my cousin for when he’s older.  It was hard to make the decision to let the Legos go, since I feel that Legos truly defined my childhood and adolescence.  But the bottom line is I haven’t played with them in 15 years, so it’s probably time to give them a new home.

2. I was casually reading Swamp Thing one evening while having a cup of tea (as us single ladies tend to do), and was shocked to my core when a bird flew full-blast into my sliding glass door.  After giving my heart a moment to resume beating, I ran to get my camera.  I thought the poor bird was dead, since he was laying perfectly still on his back.  But when I arrived back on the scene with camera in hand, he looked like this:


And there he sat for a good 45 minutes before flying off.  The creepiest thing?  A few weeks later I went to a friend’s house one Sunday afternoon and another bird (a much larger bird), did the exact same thing.  What can I say?  Birds will do anything for a chance with me.

3. The fall weather set in before my last bell pepper fully ripened, so I brought him inside with low hopes that he would ripen indoors.  But he could, and he did!


And he was delicious.

4. I made the leap and purchased a super-fancy HDTV.  While I completely adored my previous old-fashioned setup that had faithfully served me well all these years:


it became too much of a strain to watch widescreen programming on the 19″ screen from way across the room.  So I bought a new TV and a new TV stand:

But don’t shed a tear for my loss of retro just yet.  I’m setting up the old system in my spare bedroom in the hopes that it will encourage me to work out on the HealthRider my aunt gave me.  (P.S. Why yes, that is a Blu-ray player that I got for free when I purchased the TV!  Thanks, Sony!)

5. I signed up to take a metalsmithing class at the Indianapolis Art Center.  I needed something to look forward during the week, and a creative outlet for my weekly work-related frustrations.  During the first class, we learned to use the equipment and went over the supply list, so it was kind of boring.  The second class, we worked on our first project – a riveted pendant.  I sawed, filed, and sanded metal for 3 straight hours.  I hadn’t been that physically exhausted in a long time, and the pendant isn’t even finished yet!  But last Saturday, we learned to make a simple band ring.  It was really quick and easy to do, and I love how mine turned out:


6. I don’t mean to end on a sad note, but I do mean to end on an important note: Jonathan died.  He had a huge tumor on his neck which prevented him from being able to eat solid food.  I was giving him shallow dishes of whatever I could find that was pureed: applesauce, hummus, mashed bananas and avocados, baby food, pasta sauce.  He seemed to be doing OK with the new diet, except for some weight loss.  Then his tumor burst through his skin and I had to have him put down.  He was doing so poorly in the end, it was the right thing to do.  But he will be terribly missed!  I didn’t realize how much company he was until he died.  But let’s remember the happier times:









September 1, 2009

I’ve been a bit disappointed as of late because I paid $5 for my bell pepper plant in the spring, and it only produced two peppers.  That’s $2.50 per pepper, at a time when I can buy them in the grocery store 10/$10.  A day after I cut the second pepper of the plant, however, I noticed this third little dude growing strong!


I’m so excited!  The peppers I’ve eaten off my plant thus far have truly been the most sweet and flavorful red bell peppers I have ever tasted in my life!


August 2, 2009


My lemon seeds are sprouting, and it’s fun to see all the different plant varieties that come from the seeds of the same lemon.  There’s the fast-growing-with-two-large-leaves-and-two-tiny-leaves variety (center); the four-leaves-of-different-shapes-and-sizes variety (bottom); the three-leaf variety (top); and the slow-growing-and-shy-to-produce-leaves variety:


The perfect tomato!

August 2, 2009


And to think, I grew it on my balcony!  Since I don’t particularly like to eat tomatoes straight up, I ended up giving it – along with another smaller perfect tomato – to my grandmother who loves tomatoes.  I have yet to hear if they tasted as perfect as they looked.

Unfortunately, all my other tomatoes don’t look quite as picture perfect.  They all have scars or are starting to split, but should do just fine blended into a raw pasta sauce.


July 24, 2009



And tomatoes!


And peppers!


Oh my!

Happy little plants!

July 8, 2009

I recently checked out the book Garden Anywhere by Alys Fowler from the library.  It’s a great book for urban gardening, and touches on just about everything – outdoor spaces, houseplants, composting, even dumpster diving for materials – with suggestions for other books to check out if you would like more information on a certain topic.  One absolutely cool idea she had was for using bricks as make-shift window boxes.  She suggested planting Sempervivum in the holes of masonry bricks and setting them on a window ledge.  I was intrigued, as one of the windows in my bedroom overlooks the roof of the townhome next door – not an awesome view.  But with her suggestion, I thought I might be able to spruce up my ledge.

Before (sad):


After (happy):




It turned out to be absolutely charming!  The middle plant in each brick is Sempervivum tectorum, and the remaining plants are Sempervivum arachnoideum.  They are heat and cold hardy perennials, so they should last.  And I can simply pick up the bricks and take them with me when I move!

I’ve also started growing things from the pits and seeds of fruits.  I’m attempting to grow some avocado pits, a peach pit, some lemon seeds, and one of these:


It’s the seed inside the fleshy, hairy mango pit.  None of them will bear fruit of course, but I do have high hopes for some righteous houseplants!

Cute spider!

June 26, 2009


I found this little guy among my marigolds.  At first, I thought he was just fluff.  But then he started running from me and I realized he was a spider!  Typically, I don’t much care for spiders.  But he looks like such a tiny, silver squid that it’s hard not to love him!