Don’t Let The Sun Catch Ya Cryin’

February 10, 2009

I’ve become notorious as of late for hating everything in the stores: clothes, media stands, toys for Jonathan, greeting cards, even food.  Yet somehow I fall in love with prototype products that have yet to be produced.  My top favorites:


Um, excuse me, but how cool is this umbrella stand?  Answer: pretty damn.


And this moss bathmat?  Awesome.  I guess I’m more Poison Ivy than Harley Quinn after all.


Money really CAN buy happiness!

December 3, 2008

I recently bought one of these:


and one of these:


from Perpetual Kid (which is quickly becoming my favorite online store), and they are every bit as awesome as I had hoped they would be!  Plus, the shop uses biodegradable packing peanuts in their shipping boxes, and somehow an adorable alien finger puppet makes its way into every package (Jonathan loves those).

Next on my wish list is one of these.

I’m going to think about products I might like to purchase.

October 7, 2008

A year or so ago, long before I started this blog, I thought about how much fun it would be to have a product blog and talk about items I had purchased that were awesome, awful, or somewhere in-between.  That blog idea never happened, but I want to go on the record now about my favorite lip balm.

I stumbled across Badger lip balm in the “novelty” section of Ulta months ago.  I was charmed by its mascot and its slogan: “a little magic for your lips.”  At five bucks a pop, it isn’t cheap.  But the packaging won out, I bought a tube of the cool mint flavor, and I haven’t looked back.  Overnight, my cracked and peeling lips were healed.  I had previously tried Burt’s Bees, ChapStick, Alba, Blistex, and bizarre dollar store brands (X-Men lip balm, anyone?) to no avail.  I almost felt like they were making the problem worse.  But oh, my little Badger!  He truly has put his magic in this lip balm!  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll pay a dollar at the Dollar Tree for most of my household sundries.  But with the money I save buying generic allergy medicine and generic wheat thins, I think I can afford a pricey lip balm.

Unrelated: if you enjoy badgers in any form, be sure to check out this site!