Tell Me Why

April 7, 2009


I can always tell when I’m bored/unhappy/dissatisfied with my life, because I start buying a bunch of crap on eBay.  I just didn’t know how much I’d bought recently until I added it up today.  In the last two months, I have bought $210.69 worth of stuff off of eBay, and that does not included shipping, handling, and insurance.  A few things (like my huge ring carved out of a geode) I truly love.  But most other things (like yet another vintage purse) I immediately regret when they arrive.

So I’m cutting myself off!  No more eBay!  And if I feel the urge to buy something on eBay, I will make myself watch this before bidding.

UPDATE: My plan has backfired.  All I can think about is how cool it would be to own an ALF alarm clock.


Hell yes, man!

December 7, 2008


I’ve been rather blue these past few months.  I feel like I spend too much money for someone who is still in grad school (despite the happiness I was touting in my previous post), I’m lonely, and I don’t really know where my life is headed in the upcoming months (re: getting a job).  But then I read this interview with Jim Carrey about his upcoming film, and was kinda struck by quote at the end:

Smartly, Carrey added that he believes audiences can learn some old fashioned optimism from the film.

“I believe that they can create their reality,” Carrey says. “And that weekend, they’re going to go, ‘You know what, there is no recession. There is no problem. I’m going to spend my money. I’m going to go in there, I’m going to walk out with a smile on my face and say yes to life as is!’ How’s that?”

As always, sublime, Mr. Carrey. Sublime.

And it got me thinking…  So what if I buy that piece of jewelry that’s on sale?  As long as I can still pay my bills and I’m not splurging on things like that every week, it’s OK to treat myself once in a while.  Also, I’ve turned down a lot of offers to go out with friends lately for a multitude of excuses.  So the next time someone calls at 10pm (after I’m already in my jammies) and says, “Let’s go out for drinks!” I’ll take them up on it instead of calling it a night.  As for the job, I just have to get up off my lazy rear, update my resume, and start applying for them.  The rest should fall into place.  And hey, I just might send out all those Christmas cards after all.  Who cares if I don’t get any in return?  I like sending them out, so I think that I will!

Maybe the key to keeping New Year’s resolutions is to start them a month early.  Sneaky!